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When you've been invited to a group, the message you get is "Some people has invited you join this group", with the choices being "Leave group" and "Okay". I'd recommend changing the message to "Somebody has invited you to join this group", and the respective choices to "No thanks" or "Cancel" (instead of "Leave group") and "Join group" (instead of "Okay").

If you'd like, I can put together a few other English grammar changes that I've made on our forum to phrases for this addon.


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Thank you for improvement. My english gramma not so good so any suggestions are welcome.


OK, here is a list of most of the phrase changes I've made for our forums. Some of them you may or may not want to use, I leave it up to you.

tlg_addressAddressLocation (optional)
tlg_event_intend_not_goingNot goingNot participating
tlg_event_intend_toIntend toIntend to be
tlg_event_opening_afterEvent opening afterEvent opening in
tlg_privacy_closed_explainAnyone can find the group. Only members of group and users has permission to view group content.Anyone can find the group. Only members of the group have permission to view group content.
tlg_privacy_secret_explainOnly members of group or users has permission to view group and it's content.Only members of the group have permission to view the group and its content.
tlg_some_people_has_invited_you_join_this_groupSome people has invited you join this groupSomebody has invited you join this group
tlg_x_intended_to_going_your_event_y{name} intended to going your event {title}.{name} intends to participate in your event {title}.
tlg_x_intended_to_maybe_going_your_event_y{name} intended to maybe going your event {title}.{name} intends to maybe participate in your event {title}.
tlg_you_are_not_going_to_this_eventYou are not going to this event.You are not participating in this event.
tlg_you_intended_going_to_this_eventYou intended to going to this event.You intend to participate in this event.
tlg_you_intended_maybe_going_to_this_eventYou intended maybe to going to this event.You intend to maybe participate in this event.

For several of the Event related phrases, I changed them to be more generic in regards to address/location so it's not specifically implying a real address, but potentially a virtual (internet) location or similar.

If I come across anything else, I'll try to remember to post back here again.


Phrase tlg_the_group_you_managed_x_has_been_deleted_cause_inactive_in_y_days
I changed to:
The group {name} which you managed has been deleted because it was inactive for {days} days.


Phrase tlg_you_may_become_to_a_member_of_this_group_x_to_view_the_content
I changed to:
You need to become a member of the group <a href={url}>{title}</a> to view this content.


Phrase tlg_x_has_been_approved_your_group_y
is more correctly:
{name} has approved your group {title}.
Actually, I don't like the name of the person who approved it to be displayed in this notification (prefer to have it more nebulously attributed to the forum moderation staff in general), so we're really using:
Your group {title} has been approved.
But, it is a subjective matter.

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