xenforo social groups

  1. M

    Group wall error

    I get the following error when enabling the group wall on the newsfeed tab. Error: Class 'Truonglv\Groups\GlobalStatic' not found in src/addons/Truonglv/GroupWall/Groups/Pub/Controller/Group.php at line 20...
  2. M

    Forum type chooser for Social groups

    There are many times I have to change the forum type (to suggestion, question etc..) within a group. Having a forum type chooser when the user creates a forum in the group, or to have that option in the category I think would be really useful.
  3. T

    [FEATURE] Custom roles assigned ONLY by forum admins or custom roles per category

    Truonglv could you add possibility to define who can grant certain roles? Or it would be helpful to have an option to define diifferent roles in each category. For exampels we have gaming forum, so we usually use two groups categories - Teams and Tournaments. We don't want to grant privilage...
  4. T

    [IMPLEMENTED] Default time zone/no time zone for events

    It would be nice to have possibility to set default timezone for all events. Or it would be even better to have an option to turn this feature off, so it wouldn't be even visible (especially for communities from countries with one time zone. Otherwise people from mono-national community might...
  5. GameNet

    [FEATURE] Integrate with XenForo Resources Manager

    can you please add support to Integrate with XenForo Resources Manager that’s users can add the already existing resources items with resources updates into group addon
  6. Brettflan

    [FIXED] LogicException: Unknown relation or alias full accessed on xf_user

    This is with Social Groups 3.0.6, on XF v2.2.3 Patch 1. The error in the server error log in the admin panel: LogicException: Unknown relation or alias full accessed on xf_user - src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Finder.php:761 Stack trace: #0 src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Finder.php(657)...
  7. GameNet

    [IMPLEMENTED] Show resources icon instead of avatar

    Is there a way to let users upload resources icon instead of avatar in the resources tab and resources overview page in group addon
  8. GameNet

    Add existing resources/updates to group

    Is any possible you can Add existing resource/updates to group with user group permission can add existing resource/updates to group. same as this post https://nobita.me/threads/group-member-add-media-to-existing-group-album.35378/ but do it for resources and resources updates
  9. Brettflan

    [FIXED] tlg_alert_item_group_approved template missing

    I just recently upgraded from a fairly older version of the addon to 3.0.4 and get this error: ErrorException: Template error: [E_USER_WARNING] Template public:tlg_alert_item_group_approved is unknown It happened after creating a new group, which was then approved. The user who created the...
  10. Brettflan

    [FEATURE] Invitation grammar

    When you've been invited to a group, the message you get is "Some people has invited you join this group", with the choices being "Leave group" and "Okay". I'd recommend changing the message to "Somebody has invited you to join this group", and the respective choices to "No thanks" or "Cancel"...
  11. Truonglv

    Basic set up for Social Groups

    Hi all, This guide will tell you how to basic set up Social Groups add-on.