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Piano Lover
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Come and join us!
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Testaroo Group
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Test group
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Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.
Dragon Ball
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The fan of Dragon ball
Would be nice if the calendar had an option to allow the public to be able to view the event...
If no file is selected and press Save, the following error appears. Or If Delete current icon...
Hello, I am getting the following error from the Image Optimizer plugin; Server has been...
Hi Truonglv I would like to ask that if you can add some limitations to use anonymous posting...
It also needs to have the option to land on the "About" page setting. Sometimes it's easier to...
Hi, I saw your plugin in a picture on another forum: I was wondering how we would go about...
My members HATE that post replies appear on multiple pages. Other people have reported this...
Hi Truonglv Can you add some simple moderator tools to this addon? There are some users...
A plugin for that would be great. All the best.
Have created a custom field and it shows up on editing the group. Issue is... it doesn't show...
Can't edit the title... but "bad" should be badge. Seems like it uses the "newest" group you...
Hi, I am interested in creating a mobile app for our xenforo based website. Let me know how we...

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