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Dragon Ball
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The fan of Dragon ball
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Group for people with anxiety
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Discussion Group
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This is a test
Test Group 3
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Test group 3
Just testing post replies.
Even though it is a closed group, since you can see it on the website itself you should also be...
Hi Truonglv I am happy to use Anonymous Posting. However, I would like to recommend a...
When i pdf is attached into a thread android app cant show it, please try to fix it in next release.
It seems like if you join a circle, emails are sent by default. However, for users who...
Hi Trounglv, in reality I found some things that can be implemented better maybe. A Groups app...
So my ios app got rejected with the below reasons: We noticed that your app supports account...
A great idea would be to have a tournament addon in your catalogue! It would be standalone, but...
Can't edit the title... but "bad" should be badge. Seems like it uses the "newest" group you...
I have a thread with 5 YouTube embedded videos. The app consistency crashes to home screen when...
How can I remove this padding that is ontop of the cover when viewing on mobile? It's on the...
Hello. Will the source code of mobile apps ever be available for sale? Maybe for sufficient...

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  • The Following Alerts
    The Following Alerts
    Receive alerts from people who you are following...
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  • Post Reply
    Post Reply
    Allow reply to thread in more levels
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  • Image Optimizer for XF 2.0
    Image Optimizer for XF 2.0
    Optimize all attachments in your forum to save disk space.
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  • [tl] Mobile Apps: Api
    [tl] Mobile Apps: Api
    A API to work with mobile apps.
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  • Ignore Content
    Ignore Content
    Allow your users can ignore any content in your board..
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