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Truonglv submitted a new resource: [tl] Api - A enhancement API to work with mobile apps...
I noticed uploaded and attached videos (mp4) in a group newsfeed will produce a playable...
Thread views made from the app are not reflected in the thread views counter that appears on the...
Add support to upload video directly from the app. Ideally complying with XF limits on video...
Truonglv I tried to use the "Integrate with XFMG" setting on Social Groups 3.3.2, but when I...
I am receiving no permission error and you must login to view the permissions when I am already...
I am receiving number of errors in adminCP Servers logs error code: ErrorException: [E_NOTICE]...
Can you please show resource icon in search results and tag results within the app instead of...
I would like to offer my users to rated this resource within the app Note: I do known the...
I would like to offer my users to ability to post a updates, share a resource within the app I...
In App subscriptions support for Android and IOS would be great.
I have created recently used device add-on for my website & I have added API Endpoints for...

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