[FEATURE] Add connections between Forum nodes and Groups


We can integrate the Groups with normal Nodes (forums) by choose which nodes to link when creating a Group Category.

We can choose which forum nodes to show the Group Category by selecting one or more nodes:


In this case, after creating the Group Category Music above, a link to the Group Category Music will be shown in Forum Nodes Music, Instruments and Piano.

Take Forum Node Piano as an example, we can see a link to the Group Category Music appears below the Forum title Piano.

If we create another Group Category Entertainment and choose to link to the Forum Node Piano just like above diagram, another link to the Group Category Entertainment will appear next to the Music, etc.


So when a user is visiting the node Piano, he will know he can find related groups in the group categories Music and Entertainment. He can simply go to those group categories by clicking the links.

By doing this, we'll have a much better integration between Forums and Social groups.

I hope I made myself clear.