Social Groups (Teams)

Social Groups (Teams) 2.9.1a

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Fixed undefined column `is_staff` in some cases.
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Notable Changes:

* Fixed thread prefix not show up in thread view page.
* Fixed click on group slider navigation not change to next group
* Fixed non-member of group can see thread content.
* Fixed filter invited members did not working in some cases.
* Fixed click to member avatar in member listing page did not open overlay.
* Added alert when promoted member
* Added alert when member be removed from the group
* Added alert when member be banned to access the group
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  • Cannot install the add-on.
* Fixed cannot view group in some cases
Notable Changes:
* Fixed thread prefix not show up in news feed item
* Fixed invited member cannot view group
* Fixed Groups in Member Profile Tab "Groups" are displayed as if User is not Visitor
* Fixed invalid link in alert request to join group
* Added style property to turn on/off some icons in group grid card

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* Fixed invalid redirect when click to forums tab in some cases
* Fixed Promote Member not show in member context menu
* Fixed invited member not show up
* Fixed bell icon does not update
* Fixed missing phrases
  • Fixed remove member give error
  • Fixed invalid redirect
  • Remove all watched forums and watched threads record when user leave group.
Notable Changes:
* Fixed group counter invalid when change privacy state
* Fixed Server Error when trying to add Media to group
* Fixed cannot find the group member in some cases
* Fixed duplicate group stats in sidebar
* Add member rebuild cache to syncing latest `username` value
* Improvement group last activity (Must be rebuild group data. New option available in group rebuild)
* Improvement member list page
* Fixed message counter in comment box does not update in some cases
* Fixed group language not show up in sidebar
* Fixed move thread outside of group still show group tabs.
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* Fixed load invalid JS in event form
* Added share group with bb code. (Ref:
* Added some style properties to enable/disable icons on card (effected in group index)
* Improvement sidebar in group view page.
* Added sort groups by total threads in group index


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