Social Groups (Teams)

Social Groups (Teams) 2.9.1a

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This a WONDERFUL add on and much needed for any community. The developer fixed a small challenge (hence the update) immediately upon being alerted. I couldn't ask for better support or a better social add on for our community. Thank you Nobita!
wow nice addon!
EXCELLENT SUPPORT!!!!! Thank you for fixing bugs actively. Great addon!
Nobita Social Group is the reason I decided to migrate my Vb4.2 to Xenforo. We are a meet up forum and revolve around groups and only Nobita's addon get close to what we need. The last 10% is custom.

I have to applaud him for reponding quickly to bugs. I can only say this is a fantastic addon. Would be even better if we can sort groups by countries and users are able to see the groups nearer to him physically.

Overall, I am very impressed
WOW! This update is amazing! Lots of new features and bug fixes. An excellent add-on for any forum to have specialized member content. Look no further! :)
Great addon, good for allowing users in a gaming community to manage factions.
Works great!
The importer from Waindigo did not work properly. It only imported 1 post from 8 groups to the destination forum. When I tried to move that post to the group, i t generated an error which Nobita had to fix. The option to change colors in the logos in the groups did not work at all. There are a log of bugs in this software.
The missing holy grail of vBulletin and now... it become reality to xenForo.
Fantastic Add-on, would recommend to multiple people!
Works very well and great support! Great customization. Works for 1.3.