Sendy Integration & Newsletters

Sendy Integration & Newsletters 4.2.1

PayPal: $50.00
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
- PHP 7.2+
- Sendy

Subscription Lists​

There are a few specific options you may be interested in while creating a campaign.
  • Include some user identities info in subscriptions
    • Location
    • Website
    • Skype
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • User name
  • Allow the campaign shows in register form
  • Allow guest subscribe: This option allows you to display a popup to guest users and ask them to subscribe to the campaign. You can also customize your popup content
  • Allow you import group email addresses into specific subscription list.
  • Manual sync subscription status from Sendy to XenForo
  • Automatically sync subscription status from Sendy to XenForo


This powerful feature allows you to schedule and send email to users who subscribed on your lists.
  • Limit the number of threads send in the email
  • Fetch threads in specific forums
  • Fetch threads with specific criteria such as: At least X replies, at least X views,...
  • Value Score: This option allows sorting threads by specific score.
  • Extra thread IDs: Always include specific threads in the email
  • Display thread message: Allow you display message content in the email by first or last post of the thread
  • Date limit: Allow you fetch threads within X days.
  • Inject HTML above threads, below threads.
  • Allow you customize tracking params in thread URL
  • Allow preview newsletter items before perform mass sending
  • Allow do test newsletter items
  • Send an email to certain email addresses when newsletters were published in Sendy.


  • Support subscribe with GDPR
  • Customize policy URL
  • Sendy installation base URL: This URL should be matched with APP_PATH in your Sendy setup. Campaigns and Newsletters will use this value to make requests.
  • Sendy api key: This is an API key that should be grabbed on your Sendy account.
  • Campaign popup delay: How long the subscribe popup will be displayed to guest users.
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Latest updates

  1. 4.2.1

    Notable changes: Added redis queue driver
  2. 4.2.0

    Notable changes: Improvement process queues to prevent mysql deadlock
  3. 4.1.9

    Notable changes: Fixed warning invalid arguments passed