Working on new credits add-on!Just share some news that i am working on new credits add-on...


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1. please make it compatible with media gallery, example, i want give my users credits for viewing pictures, this way it will give them an incentive to view the media gallery more often, because now my users dont often go to the media gallery

2. please allow users with withdraw credits, after they earn lots of credits from viewing photos, i want to them to withdraw there credits in exchange for real money,

3. make compatible with bitcoin

4. maybe make a shop add-on like db tech with product add-on for shop like brivum credits/brivum shop, i want a username change shop product so users to purchase username change, because i am tried of users send me message to change their username,

5. many credits events, like brivium credits, his add-on was best credits add-on! but now he died so need find new credits add-on
please copy his add-on , his add-on was great, same as dbtech

tank you!!

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  1. buy credits through XF payment system
  2. earn credits for posting content that gets positive reaction points or positive reviews. (XFRM, XFMG, Bobs addons, NIxfifty calendar, vaultwiki)
  3. store credit balance in wallet
  4. Account overview of gains and spending.
  5. pay for account upgrades with credit.
  6. pay for advertising with credit.
  7. Members can tip other members with credit if they post good content. Like the reddit/twitter tipbots:
  8. Should be able to function without a store. Members will not use a store to buy functions anyway.
  9. No 'stealing' functions.
  10. Define value of credits manually or based upon amount bought.
  11. Manual payout: user requests payout. Admin send payment manually. To avoid hacking its best not to have automatic payout.


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I would suggest:
  • Full support for XF built-in payment profiles
  • Charge user only if posted in someone else's thread (don't charge thread author).
  • Charge user once per thread
  • User criteria
    • User has at least X credits
    • User has no more X credits
  • Rebuild for created events to build a base instead of starting from scratch for threads, posts, replies, likes, etc.
  • Thread, reply or vote creation restrictions in node options
  • Options for thread control actions when close, move or delete
    • Assigns destination forum credits when move thread
      Example: If set 10 credits for posting thread/post/reply in Forum 1 and 5 credits for Forum 2, when move the thread from Forum 1 to Forum 3 the user should get 10 credits removed and receive 5 credits (destination forum credits).
    • When delete a thread the credits should be reversed for thread author and posters as well
    • Reverse specific amount when close the thread for thread author and posters
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I would suggest highlight & pin threads using credits please. It will be perfect if you could choose the color and create new one using style properties.


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I have attached new example event for thread ;)


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I can't find the event trigger option for thread control actions in attached screenshot. You should add them as checkbox options.

Thread event:
  • Thread created
  • Thread closed
  • Thread moved
  • Thread soft deleted
  • Thread hard deleted
Post event (Reply to thread):
  • Post created
  • Post soft deleted
  • Post hard deleted
  • Parent thread closed
  • Parent thread moved
  • Parent thread soft deleted
  • Parent thread hard deleted
Reply event (Receive thread reply):
  • Reply created
  • Reply soft deleted
  • Reply hard deleted
  • Parent thread closed
  • Parent thread moved
  • Parent thread soft deleted
  • Parent thread hard deleted
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