[FEATURE] Make Roles a group based feature


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Now, we (site owners) define a few roles from acp, and group owner can just promote their group members to one of those roles.

The result is, the group owners don't actually have control on the permissions of the roles, they just can pick one of the roles and assign to the member.

What I suggest is that, in Group Tools drop down, add an option called "Define Roles".
When the group owner clicks on it, a page containing this form will be appeared for him (they will be able to create unlimited roles with any name, for their group)
Then they can promote their members to any of the roles that they created for their group.

And each group will have a page containing a list of roles, and their permissions.

What is the result? Group owners have full control over:
  • the number of roles in their group
  • the title of the roles
  • the permission of each role
  • using this freedom, groups will have more gamification feature (gamification is a tactic, it's not something for gaming sites or things like that :D)
  • we don't need to update our roles and definitions from time to time
  • we won't have a page in main groups navbar to list roles (each group will have their own tab and page for their list of roles)


I was going to post the exact same thing as @Dadparvar -- As a Group owner, the group admin should be able to not only choose what they want to call their various levels of membership, but what each level gets -- that is really not a site owner admin decision, as we are already controlling the overall abilities within the forum itself.

I would really, really like to see that inter-group roles assigned over to the admin of the group with perhaps just a 'default' that we set so they have somewhat of a guide to work from?