How to use XFMG in Social Groups?


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I have XFMG installed and want to use XFMG also in social groups. The specific setting is active but when I go to Groups > Group > Media there is only the message that there are no albums with these filter.Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-04 um 22.25.51.webp
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You will need create albums in the groups. Make sure you have permissions to do that.
Ahhhh... you have your own roles and permissions.


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Now I can see the button but the Link doesnt work.

page not found.

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The error still exists.

I created a test group here but there its not allowed to create an album. I tried to look if its work in your installation.

When I click in my installation on "add album" I got the error "The request page could not be found".

In the developer console of Google Chrome I can see that the XHR Request goes to 404 not found.

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Truonglv\Groups:Group, action: MediaAdd

This function does not exist in the controller.