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This guide will help you setup API which work with app.

Step 1: Create a XenForo API record. These fields must be following values:
  • Key type: Super user key
  • Allowed scopes
    • Attachment (delete, read, write)
    • Conversation (read, write)
    • Node (read)
    • Profile post (read, write)
    • Thread (read, write)
    • User (delete, read, write)
Step 2: Go to Setup > Options then search [tl] Api
Step 3: Api key
  • Key: this is free text you can put whatever text here. Just make it strong text.
  • Associate with XenForo api key: Choose the XenForo API key which you created in the step 1.
Step 4: Encrypt data key: This secure key will compress user password then send to your server. So make the key are strong.
Step 5: Save.


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