xenforo mobile apps

  1. I

    [IMPLEMENTED] Add support for subscriptions

    In App subscriptions support for Android and IOS would be great.
  2. A

    [IMPLEMENTED] Indicate unread posts with 'New' label

  3. Mike Edge

    [FIXED] Follows you opens self profile

    In notifications if you get a notice. User123 follows you. If you click on it, it opens your profile not the person that followed you.
  4. Truonglv

    Ad Manager for Mobile Apps [Paid]

    Truonglv submitted a new resource: Ad Manager for Mobile Apps - A better ad manager for mobile apps Read more about this resource...
  5. Truonglv

    Ad Manager for Mobile Apps 1.0.2

    This add-on was built to work with Mobile Apps. Key features: Display Ad to certain user groups Display Ad to certain positions Support Admob Ad or custom banner image. Ad can be display in specific time range. Support multiple ads in same position.
  6. Truonglv

    Apple requires delete account in app

    Hi, You may received a message reminder from Apple about delete account. Don't worry the feature already available in app, you just need enable it from API options.
  7. L

    [FIXED] Viewing a deleted thread give blank screen

    App bug while you are view a thread and it gets deleted pull to refresh then app goes on black screen Possible soultion : add somthing like We're sorry, but something went wrong. And buttom to take user to home page
  8. TheCodeby

    [FIXED] App crashes on profile post screen

    iOS 15.1.1 If you go to the profile posts screen, select a post and refresh the screen by pulling down (pull to refresh), then the app crashes.
  9. F

    [IMPLEMENTED] Display last user activities in profile screen

    Hey! I have been testing this app with the demo to decide if I can change my mind in to purchasing it around Tuesday. I think it’s great I give it a 8/10 only suggestion is maybe to add when the user was last active besides that great job!
  10. Truonglv

    A native mobile apps (iOS and Android) for XenForo forums

    Modern UI Our app features a clean and modern user interface that is designed for optimal browsing experience. With intuitive navigation and visually appealing design elements, users will find it easy and enjoyable to use. Say goodbye to cluttered and confusing layouts, and hello to a sleek and...
  11. Truonglv

    Redesign app layout

    Hi everyone, The currently app used lib UI so the color actually not good and it's hard for you when customize colors. So i have plan to redesign it with hire a designer but it's will cost then i think the app price will be grow. Do you guys want have it? Please leave it comment and reactions...
  12. tohaitrieu

    Thread Comment like facebook comment

    Dear Support Can you re-design thread comment like facebook comment. I think the current thread comment design is not good design.
  13. Truonglv

    Migrate Admob to Firebase Admob

    Hello there, By next update of app I will remove depends of Admob lib and migrate to Firebase Admob. It's easy to integrate your apps to firebase admob. Please see this official guide: Link AdMob to Firebase - Firebase Help (google.com)
  14. E

    Style of my BBCode

    Hello. How I can add in the app MY style for MY BBCode. For example: I have BBCode , how I can add style for it in the mobile app?
  15. TheCodeby

    [FIXED] API cURL error

    Users periodically get this error GuzzleHttp\Exception\ConnectException: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 6002 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (see https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html) for...
  16. Truonglv

    Demo: Conversations filter form

    Video say anything :qoobee_yay:
  17. L

    Would themes transfer on the App?

    hello im considering purchasing this app but would the themes transfer over or would I have to edit the css. And if I do have to edit the css would I be able to have a theme selector?
  18. denn

    Searching on app

    I just noticed that the app search option only fetches threads/ posts. So incase am trying to find another user on the app, I literally can't find their profile. So am recommending an enhancement of the search option to also fetch user accounts. Or have options like this (check attachment) from...
  19. Y

    Line Spacing in app

    Just discovered that the line spacing within a post or comment in an app is so high. Especially when someone tries to skip a line, it looks like double lines are skipped. Please check on it😊
  20. Y

    Testing Multiple image view on app

    Testing view of 2 or more images