[IMPLEMENTED] Event location option for virtual locations


It would be good to have options for event locations to allow for virtual locations, such as a website or just plain text. Currently, if anything is entered in the Location box for an event, it will show the Google Maps embed trying to point to a location based on the text entered.

Maybe just a radio option for "Real location (track on Google Maps)" or "Virtual location or website (BBCode allowed)". The first option would be what old events would default to. If the second option for a Virtual location is chosen, it could (as indicated) run the entered location text through the BBCode renderer and just display that, and not display the Google Maps embed. That way, for instance, they could just put in a website link and it would be turned into a link by the BBCode renderer, or they could put something a bit more complex in there.

An additional admin panel option for which of the two location type options is the default would also be nice, so you could make "Virtual location" the default option for your forum.


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I prefer using plain text for virtual location. There are event description which has raw text for anything.