[FEATURE] Adding group links to corresponding forum nodes


Would be nice if you could add an option "Associated nodes" when creating a new group category. Just like the following:


So after a group category is created, there will be a link showing somewhere in the forum view of those associated nodes that links to the corresponding group category where you can see all related groups.


Note that more than one Group Category linked to a forum node is possible.


Doing this can have a better integration between this add-on and the ordinary forums.

NOTE: This is a Group CATEGORY to FORUM linking, NOT individual threads and groups linking.

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This is actually a brilliant suggestion!!

It would make it so much easier to find groups in the area and discuss with them across groups as well =)
This is working now?

Just for explain what I need is to each group have an own Forum, to 'public' use, instead of many people entering in the Group, for example. My Group add-on is just for internal use for my clients and the Node forum, for public communication.

I can achieve that?