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Truonglv submitted a new resource:

Watermark - Add a watermark to uploading images

Description: Add a watermark to uploading images

This add-on will add a watermark to any uploading images. All existing images are not effected.

  • Enabled/disabled to add watermark to any images
  • Customize watermark position
  • Customize watermark
    • Text
    • Image
  • Control watermark opacity
User options:
  • Ability to disable add watermark to their uploading images
  • N/A

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New Member
Does this attach the watermark to all images uploaded to xenforo?
Including through the media gallery, chat2 by siropu, and direct upload to a post?


New Member
It seems to work perfectly! However, the watermark is quite small. My watermark image is around 1080px wide, when applied to a small image, say 500px wide, it still only just hides in the corner. How do I make the watermark bigger? I'd say you'd need to make it relative to the width as a % right?


New Member
Sorry, last one. I don't want users to be able to opt out of the watermarks. I need all uploaded images watermarked regardless.
Is there a way to remove the option is the users preferences?