Suggestions for the next release


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1) Allow color customization (branding).

2) Allow pasted links of YouTube to be converted to Videos not just links > otherwise support

3) Instead of 5minutes > should read 5 minutes ago or 5 days ago otherwise after 24hrs, should write dates and timestamp


Please note: Trending should be NEW POSTS (Like, pointing to

Recent threads has no difference from new threads! I wish your app had an option for “Recommended threads” to allow forum owners to promote certain threads easily. So, that could be controlled by moderators/admins

Otherwise it could be:

Recent posts | New Threads | Subscribed (Or participated) threads

5) Rich Text Format support will be an added advantage. Please support smilies too

6) Once one likes a post, they should see the number of likes displaying 😊

7) Invest much on notifications. A better solution will make your app the best ever!

8) Having “Lock” thread for every user can be challenging for forum owners, some clients can abuse the system.

9) Please consider this too >

10) I noticed that, once one is on a thread which is well arranged (paragraphs), the spacing between paragraphs is lost.

11) NO Moderation tools if one logs in with Admin/Moderator account

So far - GOOD JOB 👏🏾
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