Some questions


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Hi, i have some questions:

1. Is your group plugin supported in the app?
2. What about setting up other languages, is it possible? Does the plugin just use the phrases from my xenforo installation or are there word i couldnt translate?
3. I have installed yourdemo app from google play, and i think its a little bit slow. The black box with title "loading" took a little to long, i think. The mobile view in the browser window seems to be faster. May be its possible to tune this?
4. Is it possible to change the color in the menu (its blue at the moment)
5. May be a suggestion for the future: a dark version would also be great. so the phone accu would last longer.

Anyway, i know its the first version and it looks good :). Good work!


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(1): It's not yet.
(2): It's comming in next releases.
(3): Does it happen all time? It's much depend of api response.
(4): All color can be customized in next releases.
(5): Of course. It's will have ;)


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I’m ready to sign up, but need a few things first:

Splash Logo on load
Custom colors
Header Bar option with site logo
Upload attachments
View attchments supported by os (primarily pics)
Clearer login vs register option
ipad support

I’m posting this from the app. Very excited to offer this to my users!


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Well, just reopened after a force quit and there is a splash logo. App just feels too generic though. I like how instagram app keeps site logo at the top when you are scrollinh the feed. So maybe the newsfeed page, forums view page could incorporate sote logo in the header block and slide it to the side once you go into a thread. Just some thoughs. Keep up the great work!


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Also, is autocorrect disabled in the text entry for any reason? As you can see in my last post, its hard to type without it. Maybe use the standard entry box for ios?

Sorry for the multiple posts. Testing the app as i send this in.


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Last post, but this is probably most important. Need to be able to place ads. Maybe a persistant banner ad across the bottom. I sell a Title sponsor “on everypage” that would need to be represented on the mobile app in someway. Thanks again! I’m willing to pay up front a fee to help get some of this done. Feel free to message me. Thanks!

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