Some integration with Tournament addon from XFA


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[Social Groups Feature Idea]

This is a feature that would set your group addon as the definite solution for all gaming oriented websites (and there are many of them). Hosting tournaments is a popular feature of many gaming communities, and on XF there is only one tournament addon. (from XFA).

Two options.

Either just some minor integration, as part of the addon today, or, as a more feature-rich addition, it would be a separate addon to accompany the main social group addon. This would be a paid addition to the group addon, for example 20-30 dollars depending on complexity. "tl social group integration with XFA Tournaments". For example AddonsLab has a paid filter addon to Bob's Showcase addon, so it isn't something that is uncommon, even when the other addon isn't theirs.

There could be a check-mark to enable XFA Tournament support, if the addon is installed.
A) Then you'd get a new tab in group addon, for "Tournaments".
Tournament tab would allow you to view the tournaments the group has played in (wins, top placements, members who played in what roster for that), and could have a nice comment section on bottom.
Also, wins/plays could show up in the news feed.

B) Allow registration of teams in tournaments. Invite group members (or allow them to manually join) as part of a team for a tournaments. Then you can play vs other teams (from other groups).
You can change rosters on each tournament, so that more group members can join from time to time, depending on the game.
And more.