Telegram & GDrive Integration with XF: Membership Purchase Control

Andre Boutot

New Member
Hi, I am looking for a Membership Bot that can control memberships in Telegram & on my XF Website. So, if they purchase a membership on the Website or Telegram it would give them the appropriate account setups for both.

A Telegram Membership Bot that allows control of adding & removing from paid/locked groups & giving the same access to the Website with the appropriate matching membership at the same time so they dont have to purchase on Telegram & the Website.
At the same time asking for gmail account to give access to specific GDrives of my choice to supply files. Also, making the API connection with GDive a lil easier to get the API for that access.
With Reporting Channel/Groups addition as well, plus not having a 7%/or any charge for all purchases on top of Credit Card Fees.
This will give full access on Telegram & XF Website at the same time making this the Ultimate Telegram Bot.

I have Python Source Code for the Telegram Membership Bot, but there isnt any XF added to it.

If anyone could help with creating this Bot it would be greatly appreciated?

This is the closest thing I could find & there isnt website integration & they charge 7% of all sales or $30/mth to use on top of CC Fees.