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Hey Nobita,

I like the idea of your quick post thread for your portal, but I was wondering if there's any chance you could release a stand alone version of it that could be used with the stock XF2 widget system?

So it's effectively a fully powered thread composer where users enter a title and message, with normal attachment upload functionality, but your extra field to select which forum to post in?

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That way users could load the sites home page, see the editor and easily:

1. Select the right forum.
2. Add a title (prefix's will populate if applicable depending on the forum previously selected
3. They compose their message and upload content to attach.
4. Submit their post.


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So, a widget for posting, similar to the one you have on your home page:


But styled like this.
So it's nearly a full post creation editor, attachment system and all, but no tags or check box options.


So that it can then be put at the top of the forum list using the widget system




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But instead of just having a normal drop down list for the forum selection. It would be amazing if it was just a search box, that when you focus on it a scrollable list appears - but you can instead start typing the name of the forum, and it will automatically refine. Kind of like this

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Okay, final cleaned up mockup. To make it even more clean, use the message box functionality as profile posts, where the text box is nice and clean on page load, and only shows the tool bar once you focus on it.

And of course the prefix section is only there if the selected forum has prefixes.

The more options button would only work once a forum has been selected, and it would bring the user to the usual fully featured post creation page for that forum.

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