please make referral add-on


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i want users to use their referral link everywhere on other websites,

referral add-on so keep track how many referrals user have got, and also show in members, "top referrals"

please make compatible with credits add-on, i want give 100 credits everytime someone referrers a user

brivium have this add-on for xf1, but he died and now its not available for xf2

please copy his add-on



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Seem less information here. Can you give more details?


Seems like something we used to use, invites.
  • Generate unique referral number (or some type of registration link) for every member
  • eg: Referring member: 12345
  • Put new field in registration, new member can enter referral number here. "12345" (or with a link containing referral code)
  • Referring member gets +1 (for new member)
  • Referring member gets points from your credits mod for inviting new member
  • new member gets points from your credits mod for joining and their own referral number
  • Display top list of Referring members - who has referred the most new members
Maybe invite is something you can build into credits mod eventually? Awarding credits for bringing in new members.
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here is brivium's referral credits add-on for xf1

it work by cookies,

a) for example, every user has a referral link
b) joey put referral link on his website(
c) guest click on referral link link goes ---> now browser has referral cookie,
d) user browse forum and finally he like the website, so he decides to register up
e) so now he register, and register page has v of referral
he cannot change referral name if he clicks on link, or have option to put referral name

his credits add-on work great together with referral add-on because when user buy credits, his referrer also get credits

Alert: you get 500 credits because your referrer john just purchased 5000 credits

17_lock_referrer_name.png 01_referral_admin_options.png 02_referral_permissions.png 03_buy_referral_times_event.png 04_referral_award_event.png 05_referral_bonus.png 06_referral_logs.png 07_credit_transactions_browser.png 08_visitor_menu.png 09_eferral_view.png

his credits refferal add-on was king! best add-on! but now brivium die so not exist for xf2