Invite to testing with Social Groups for XF 2.1.x


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Hello there.

Currently, i have working on next version of this add-on. And deploying in another site:

Can you take your time to testing with this version ;)

Thank you.


lol that was a quick 2.0.1 release! :p I am in dev mode on my board right now cause I am working on stuff, but I see the integrate with XFMG button... I ticked it but then it threw errors when I tried to click on an image in XFMG - so I unticked and the MG works again. Wasn't sure if it was a hidden, future, enhancement I saw because I was in dev mode or if I needed to send you error screen shots for trouble shooting...?

Ps; I love your add-on but if there is any way to stop upgrades from overwriting all my custom modifications to the phrases. It takes me a good amount of time to swap the word "group/s" out for "guilds" throughout the entire add-on ... and it just got wiped away again with the upgrade. 😥

At least I get good experience with phrase modifications lol
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