Invite to testing with Social Groups for XF 2.1.x


Hello there.

Currently, i have working on next version of this add-on. And deploying in another site:

Can you take your time to testing with this version ;)

Thank you.
@truonglv if you need testers for Social Groups, I am preparing to begin my upgrade to XF2.1 and would be happy to test for you in live environment...?

Just let me know...

Side question: Are you considering update Social Group Walls to XF2.1 or should I just uninstall that feature?


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And deploying in another site:
Does this use the iOS app you mentioned on the XF forum? 😮



Three things:

1) truonglv you are awesome :)

2) I downloaded the updated Social Groups beta 2 (the download file name was not changed, however) and dropped it over my existing installation.. should there be an upgrade option in ACP? Because, if so, there was not one.

3) What is this mobile application you've created and can I pay you to make a version for our community?! 😍


I'd like to help test 2.1.0 please :D


lol that was a quick 2.0.1 release! :p I am in dev mode on my board right now cause I am working on stuff, but I see the integrate with XFMG button... I ticked it but then it threw errors when I tried to click on an image in XFMG - so I unticked and the MG works again. Wasn't sure if it was a hidden, future, enhancement I saw because I was in dev mode or if I needed to send you error screen shots for trouble shooting...?

Ps; I love your add-on but if there is any way to stop upgrades from overwriting all my custom modifications to the phrases. It takes me a good amount of time to swap the word "group/s" out for "guilds" throughout the entire add-on ... and it just got wiped away again with the upgrade. 😥

At least I get good experience with phrase modifications lol
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