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Hello there.

To make the app work as expect there are some requirements:
  1. Install api add-on:
  2. A app icon at size 1024x1024 (PNG image only)
  3. The app display name. No more than 12 characters.
  4. The app ID. This value cannot be changed once the app publish to store. Example: com.truongluu.nobitame
  5. A launch screen image for iOS. Required there dimensions:
    1. 414x736 (at @1x) (width x height)​
    2. 828x1472 (at @2x) (width x height)​
    3. 1242x2208 (at @3x) (width x height)​
  6. for push notifications service.
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3. FAQ Group
4. group.faq

For iOS, an application is not required, since it is necessary only for GooglePlay.

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Please compress your image to zip to prevent auto compress image here.

Also the app ID seem too short. I don't think google allow it.
The basis is indicated in the identifier, if you need longer add please at your discretion.


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I can give access, because I poorly understand what is required of me.
Write where to give you access, and I will provide it.
I don't have access your forum :D This is your app so I need config to build. There are no callback from my server :D
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