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Very cool. Working well. Only issue so far is that the threads from ignored forums are still visible under What's New -> Latest Activity. Any chance to get those removed as well with a "Show Ignored Content" option like on New Posts?


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Truonglv, just a little bug.
I have some nested nodes
When I add any subnode to ignore list, I can't see any content from this subnode, but can see Subnode being in parent Node


I just installed this on XF 2.1.4.

As far as I can tell the the add on is not working. Nothing has been added to the forums UI that allows you to ignore threads or forums even after rebuilding caches.

I'm using the default Xenforo theme with custom colors so it shouldn't be a theme issue.

Am I missing something?


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Does this add-on interface with What's New at all? We have a member who is ignoring 10,000 items and is seeing a massive slow-down when he selects New Posts - takes around 10 seconds, but I know for everyone else it's a matter of fractions of a second for the results to show.


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This just effect to final results not in the query to get results. So if currently you have 10 seconds then install this add-on you have same.


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Currently EVERYONE has less than 1 second results - except for one person who is ignoring 10,000 items - their results are 10 seconds.

I think it may be this add-on that is slowing down this person's results.

What is the SQL query used to filter out ignored content?


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Quick question: I'm running a multi-language forum and wanted to use this addon so that users can easily ignore language categories they don't need.

Right now, they need to go into every forum of a category and ignore it - which is quite a task (as sometimes there are over 15 forums per language).

Would it be possible to add categories incl. all subcategories / subforums within that category?
That would be awesome :D

Also, if the ignore button could be added directly to the forum list view beneath each node (or a small checkbox which you can check and then ignore multiple forums / threads / categories at once) would make this a lot more convenient.

Thanks in advance :D

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