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Ignore Content [Paid] 3.1.2


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in your description it say:

Current content supported:

  • Forum
  • Thread

  • Users
i want to my user to be able to ignore other users,

for example, under members navigation tab

it can say:

Top Ignored Users
Kintaro (ignored by 158 users)

also alert when someone ignore you
Kintaro you were just ignored by user joey_tbf. Today at 3:50 PM



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ok you are right in 1 part, but 2nd part you are not right,

yes xenforo have ignore,

but xenforo not have top ignored users


also when someone ignore me, i do not receive alert
user also not receive alert when someone ignore him



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also in post should have message, for example, i can see how many people ignore that post, because they ignore user

user view

user who is ignored view

user will see "24 users ignoring your post"



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truonglv say:
[USER=776]joey_tbf[/USER] that has much privacy isues. Noone want to become in that list.

your job is to code, not give me your opinion

if i want your opinion i ask, i dont need you tell me what feature is good for my forum

you worry about code, i worry about my forum