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it would be great if you could add the option to exclude forums from being ignored. importand ones like ones used for announcements and so on.

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[edit] at the moment i only use it in selected forums, works fine for me too, so no need to add an option anymore :)

<xf:if is="in_array($forum.node_id, [24,27])">
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This add-on is working great for my users, with just one exception... Somehow, users occasionally are accidentally ignoring a forum. Possibly because the button for it is close to other buttons that are regularly used? Perhaps having a confirmation popup before accepting the ignore request would solve the problem?


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If you ignore an entire page of threads, the page just shows up as empty instead of items of the following pages filling it up.
That leads to situations like:
page 1 having 0 threads,
page 2 having 5 threads,
page 3 having 1 thread.

Please fix this?

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