Guide to create IOS certificate

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Hello there.

This thread will help you to create a certificate which this app needed to build and running.

Step 1: Please use the signing request which attached below then upload it to Apple.

Step 2: Login to your apple developer page:

Step 3: Create new certificate with option: Apple Distribution

Step 4: Step new certificate with option: Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)

Step 5:
  1. Register a New Provisioning Profile with option: App Store
    • In next step MUST choose the app ID which must be match with app ID you submitted here.
    • In next step MUST be choose a certificate which you created from step 3.1

When you complete all above steps please export information and submit it here:
  1. Export certificate from 3.1
  2. Export certificate from 3.2
  3. Export provisioning profile 4.1

Here is guide to setup Sign in with Apple:

Note: Please ask me to get SigningRequest file.
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