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Truonglv Good job!
It's already usable, and after ironing few kinks out, it seems we are on a good path to getting rid of Tapatalk.

Top priority for me:

1. attachments are needed! Tapatalk is using a custom keyboard add-on with 3 buttons, and this is a nice solution to the problem. First two are camera / library browser, third is quote bb code (it just inserts bbcode for quote start and end). Once the picture is selected it is uploaded in the background and bbcode is placed in the editor. Maybe it's something that you may consider as a workflow...


2. conversations should remember last position and jump to latest posts (currently in your app they always open on first post and I have to manually jump to last page).

3. notification system - I'd love to be able to display notices from notification system on the launch page - even better if I could "target" app users with special versions. This is something we are using quite often to send important updates for our users.



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(3): We are using OneSignal system so you can easy make a message marketing through that. Of course built-in with Api could be good idea. But with a limited time now we suggestion use OneSignal first.

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