Anonymous post limitation


Hi Truonglv

I would like to ask that if you can add some limitations to use anonymous posting addon? For example a user can send 5 anonymous post daily etc. This can be change for each usergroup or other criteria such as registration time.

It can be really useful. I really like this addon but a lot of user start to send every single message anonymous and it is annoying us now.

Thank you..
Where can I get this addon
Truonglv any feedback on this request?

And a quick question. If we uninstall this addon, how the anonymous posts will be seen? will it be remain anonymous?
I dont think it is great option; it tell users that it is not really anynomous when it throw number of anony posts they can create.
TruonglvYou might be right. This change can give some flexibility to forum admins regarding their rules. I have engineering forum so I am encouraging people to set a correct name to create a proper real network. However, many people are using anonymous addon even for simple posts. And this is annoying many people. Just they want to know whom they are talking.

I have 2 options in this case. I will remove the addon or I will add some criteria. What is your recommendation?