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Widget Threads Enhancement

Widget Threads Enhancement 1.1.2

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Notable changes:
  • Fixed filter no reply which contain redirect threads
  • Improvement use widget in custom position.
  • Support rich widget title. You can use template syntax in title option.
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Notable Changes:
  • Supported show threads with specific prefixes
  • Fixed threads contain moderated or deleted state
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed missing phrases
  • Fixed option show threads in user groups are not working
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Notable Changes:
  • Remove /what-news in widget title link.
  • Support new option to disable widget on mobile.
  • Support new option to limit thread title length.
  • Support new option to enable/disable preview thread.
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed option cutoff does not work in some types.
  • Added new option custom template which allow you render threads in your own style
Notable Changes:
  • Supported more types
    • Most viewed
    • Most replied
    • Most reacted
Notable Changes:
  • Added new option: Use guest permissions
  • Improvement queries
  • Fixed thread sort incorrect.
Notable Changes:
  • Added new type: Threads do not have reply
  • Fixed too many queries on widget without use cache.