Schedule Content for XF 1.x

Schedule Content for XF 1.x 2.0.9

Notable Changes:
  • Fixed missing permission `Can change content owner`
  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed option post end of thread not working.
  • Change dropdown menu options to input for flexible and fast schedule
  • Improvement processing
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed post status invalid
  • Minor improvement
Fixed minor bugs!
  • Added the option allow insert post to end of thread.
  • Fixed js issues.
Important: You can found the XML file at: library/Nobita/Schedule/addon-nobita_Schedule.xml

You can use that Path while install or upgrade addon.

New Features:
  • Added new option allow scheduler can repeat thread content.
  • Performance query.
How Schedule Repeat Work?
When you schedule thread and marked repeat. The content of first thread will be copied and post as new thread.

  • What is the information was collected from first thread?Thread user information, prefix, and forum which thread belong to.

  • When new thread posting?
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.23.47 AM.png
When schedule expired. It auto re-queue with the extra date of options.

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed error when choose target node.
  • Fixed time format issues on calendar.
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  • Fixed autoload issues.
  • Added requirement PHP version. You need PHP version 5.4 or higher to use addon.