[NOT A BUG] XF1 Importer does not upgrade all data: data loss


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I tried it with the latest version:

XF1 group member roles: 2
XF2 group member roles imported: 0
Nothing imported

XF1: groups: 286
XF2 groups imported: 287
1 Group extra imported

XF1 group members: 22370
XF2 group member import: this is no longer visible. Its unclear if the 358 group members are still missing.
358 Members Missing?

XF1 group forums: 289
XF group forums imported: 292
3 group forums missing

XF1 group posts: 62
XF2 group Posts imported: 37
25 posts missing

The importer still has the same issue.

Truonglv Is team watching upgraded? I don't see it in the DB. Could you take a look?

XF1 social groups version: 2.9.1.a (You sent me many releases with this version number)
XF2 social groups version: 2.1.9
XenForo 2.1.8