[NOT A BUG] XF1 groups addon is not upgraded to xf2.


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When installing the latest version on a site that has legacy xf1 social groups, the addon ignores the xf1 version data and does not upgrade the addon.

The groups index shows no categories and no groups.
None of the settings, permissions or member roles have been migrated to the xf2 version.

XF1 version still shows as not upgraded:
Screenshot_2019-09-07 Add-ons Forum - Admin control panel.webp
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There are total rewritten so upgrade from old version it's not work as expected. You need import data for that.


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Please add instructions to the resource:
Currently it doesn't state this anywhere.

Does the importer work 100% correctly? Are there any issues with it?
Is everything imported? All data and settings?


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Truonglv where are the import instructions?
In the importer settings, do we need to fill in the data directory for XF1 or XF2?