[NOT A BUG] Visibility of discussion forums on Tapatalk

I have an issue with Tapatalk application, where discussion forums become visible in the list of forums even though they are under a "hidden" forum (archive group forums...). Do you have any idea what I should tell them to do? Should they verify node type before displaying/listing?
Hi @truonglv I got more information from my users and here's what is going on... Group discussions on tapatalk are hidden and it works as it should. But when users are subscribed to groups, they can enter to discussion threads through notifications. On XF1 they were able to enter through those notification links and reply to discussions in group discussions (I had no idea it works). But on XF 2.0 when they enter the discussion forum through notification, they can see posts (as before) but when they try to reply there's an error: "Need valid forum id!".

I will post a bug to tapatalk, but I also want to ask you if you think this may be "fixed" on your side?
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