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[BUG] Programatic design issues


Add-on design flaws:

1. When adding forums there is an option missing, to not show them on forums_list. If a user adds a group forum this gets instantly shown on forums_list and that is the last thing you want, since this it effects how your main page looks and you don´t want to have a well sorted and arranged forums_list with an endless list of public visible group forums - or visible group forums at all. by now the only way to avoid that is, to restrict visibility for the forum node. But if you do that, the next problem arises:

2. When you have restricted the visibilty of the category where your group forums go to, the navigation on breadcrumb in /groups/[test.1]/discussions looks like Groups > [Main forums category] > [Groups forum name] > [Social group name] with the corresponding links. That makes no sense, since when you have restricted visibility for the [Main forums category] the user is redirected to the forums_list, but won´t find any groups. Also, when browsing the [Social group forums] the breadcrumbs should only link to the forums section within that particular group, like [Social group name] > [Discussions] > [Social group forum name / internal category] > [Social group thread title]. That way people don´t get confused and all links stay in that single group, providing the user easy navigation.

3. Sidebar. When you have set up a sidebar in your main forums threads, the sidebar also shows on all group forum threads. This is consuming a vast amount of space there, since the navigation sidebar to the left is already there and the width of the thread itself shrinks to a tiny little and hard to read text. There really is the need for an option, to completly disable the sidebar in group forums and I would like to urge you, to implement this.

4. If you have set up the first forum in a social group, there is no obvious and easy to reach link to add a second and third. Please add a persisting "Add forum" button to the top right in the Discussions section, because under the settings wheel normal users will never find that option ;)


And it seems it´s working, thanks. What about isue #1 and #2? For me these are more important, since users will think the site is broken or badly maintained.