[BUG] List of bugs on app that need to be stabilized.


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I own a forum of over 1.3 members and I need to purchase this app, but these are my views/ concerns on this app before I purchase or anyone else should consider before purchasing it.

1. Cant upload images.
2. The cursor in content input box keeps moving away, so I cant type anything.
3. The app crashes when the option buttons (...) are clicked
4. The search bar doesnt bring a user list, only posts. So there is no way I can find other users on the app.
5. There is no attachments button in messages/ conversations and on profile posts.

1. Allow users to upload videos and add a in-app video player
2. You should make the option for users to upload other file types as attachments such as pdfs, docs and sheets. Then on the view, let them be downloadable just like on the xenforo sites.
3. Lower the size of the containers especially the notifications and profile post containers. They are huge in comparison to the rest of the app.
4. Let users be able to subscribe to forums and have a "My Feed" added to the home page alongside to trending, so that users can view what they choose to subscribe to.

So far I'd rate it 2 stars. A lot of testing is needed on this app as you keep it on production to obtain a stable app version that people can use happily.


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(1) did you see the upload button? What is your device?