Latest Social Groups for XF 1.5?


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i am using Social Groups Version 2.7.8 for XF 1.5 - How can i get the older versions for XF 1.5? There is noy buy button anymore, and my license isnt active any more.

If i look into my purchased ressources, there is "Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x)", but i bought in the past the old Version for XF 1.5.

Do i get all the old versions for XF1 if i buy/renew your Social Groups for XF2?

The reason is:
I am planning to update to XF 2.0, also your Add-On. I think, it will be the best, if i install the latest version to upgrade to XF2. And i need the old versions, to make a step by step update to the latest "Social Group" Plugin, before upgrading to XF2.

On this page, there is noy buy/download button anymore.
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