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Hello! Brand new to the Xenforo platform, migrating over from Invision. We're going to be using Social Groups as a replacement for Clubs, and had a quick question. Is it possible to disable Group Forums on the Forums index main page?



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One more question for you Truonglv, hopefully quick. We're trying to find the data-container-key for the categories created, except they're all blank:

<html id="XF" lang="en-US" dir="LTR" data-app="public" data-template="tlg_category_view" data-container-key="" data-content-key="" data-logged-in="true" data-cookie-prefix="xf_" data-csrf="1601265701,7cee91d581a5251a5ab6a274d74d0c4c" data-style-id="5" class="has-js template-tlg_category_view has-no-touchevents has-passiveeventlisteners has-no-hiddenscroll focus-mobile-navigation-bar focus-fluid focus-sidebar-sticky has-pointer-nav" data-focus-bg="1"><head>

The reason is our theme will be adding custom coloring per category, and without a data-container-key, this would be somewhat difficult to implement. Any help appreciated.

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