[FIXED] Event dates show wrong day of the week


On the "Upcoming" page of Events, it is showing the wrong day of the week if the day of the event is a Friday or Saturday.

This is very strange, as it correctly indicates Sunday through Thursday. But if it should be a Friday, there will be nothing indicated there. If it should be a Saturday, it will instead indicate Friday.

... OK, I went ahead and investigated the code and found the bug. It is here in the "tlg_group_events" template:
<xf:macro name="event_item" arg-event="!" arg-showGroup="{{ false }}">
    <xf:set var="$dayNames" value="{{ {
        '0': phrase('day_sunday'),
        '1': phrase('day_monday'),
        '2': phrase('day_tuesday'),
        '3': phrase('day_wednesday'),
        '4': phrase('day_thursday'),
        '6': phrase('day_friday'),
        '7': phrase('day_saturday')
    } }}" />
The 6 and 7 should be a 5 and 6 respectively.