No Thanks Countdown for events of groups


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Hi @Nobita ,

This would be awesome if a countdown be added some where in an event page.

We can now set the start and the end date and time of an event. So, what is needed is just:
  • when the event is not started yet, then the countdown will be appeared and show the time remaining to start of the event.
  • when the event is started, the countdown will count till the event is finished (if there is any end date)

Here is a free countdown add-on for xenforo to see how it works:
and a multiple countdown add-on:

Why this will be useful? Sometimes users are visiting the site from different timezone of even they have different calendar based on their country. With this tool, all users will easily know when will some event start and end.



I give my support to this. My community is doing events and this will make events very tempting for them.


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I'm sure lots of people are interested in it.

Anyone who uses events, surely likes such a feature. As it will be so useful. ;)