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Avatar Moderation [Paid] 2.0.3

Buy for $15.00


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OK thanks for your help I have a very last question! if I buy this add on in the future if you do an update can I download without paying again?


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Free download for 1 year license. After that if have new version are rolled you may pay extra fee to get new version. Otherwise, you continue use the old version.


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there still my problem!!
I think In this version of the add on 2.0 is missing the option to add permission to a group to accept those avatar!
like the older version cuz in the new version the only permission I can give to the group is the bypass no the one that can approve o reject the avatars.. like the in the first picture.
Here I have some pic that you can see wth happened.
it show there is avatar for moderation but when i click on it there is nothing like i dont have permission to see it..
thanks and please help me I really need this add on..


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