[NOT A BUG] Any user is able to post in News Feed section?


When the group is made public; anyone is able to post in the News Feed section. Is this by design? If so then please consider this as a suggestion to implement which member roles are able to post/comment in that section. As users that didn't even join the group are able to post in there and that doesn't make sense! Should be group Members+ only 👍


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That is aim of public groups.


If so then it should respect this ticked permission 3153

Even though "All requests to join must be approved by a moderator" is ticked; but still non-member users are able to just freely come in and post anything. If this permission is ticked then only members+ should be allowed to post in?

Currently its not going so well as users want others to be able to view their group and 'join' but if they're allowed to post anyway then joining the group has no meaning. This has result to a lot of closed groups where the groups contents can't be seen at all unless joined in and would prefer if users can see what a group has to offer so they can make a decision to join or not :) Kindly consider this; thank you!
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