Anonymous Posting

Anonymous Posting [Paid] 2.1.3

PayPal: $30.00

I purchased this add-on as I recently upgraded from VB 3.8x and we had an Anonymous forum where anonymous posting was allowed. I read how this was different- like the VB version required an "Anonymous" user to be created but this did not, it still seemed like it would work for our needs.

However in the first two minutes ot testing I posted an anonymous reply to a thread and then when I went to the Forum Index the last post in that thread show's my username, my avatar, and links to the "Anonymous" post when someone clicks on it. This isn't anonymous at all. Am I missing something?

There are other problems too but this is the biggest problem.

To be clear my setup is that I only want Anonymous posting to be available in a single forum so only the selected forum has the None Permissions set for groups to use the Anonymous add-on. No group has permission to view who made anonymous posts.

There is also a problem with the fact any moderator van view the IP address of the anonymous poster but that isn't as big an issue right now.

Any ideas on the forum index problem?
Also see the Notifications sent of new posts show the correct user who made the post rather than Anonymous, and the What's New section has the original user as well. It's as if the "Anonymous" only overrides the avatar and username in the thread and nowhere else on the forum?

PHP 7.1.26
XF 2.1.0
MySQL 5.6

Please let me know if you need more details, or if this will not work, can I get a refund? Thank you.
I upgraded to 1.0.3 and it's still not fixed. I created this "Anonymous" post after installing the update and it's still showing my username to both me and regular users and neither group has the "Can view" permission.


And in What's New... as a different user, using default style...


Notifications are fixed and working however.


Other than the latest activity/what's new/forum index issues also there seems to be no option to make the first post of a thread anonymous, is that by design? If so can be added because the majority of the use was people starting anonymous threads to bring up topics they didn't want to start under their own username.

Also, another issue, although administrators can see the "Posting as Anonymous?" checkbox, other usergroups cannot even with the Can Use permission set to yes for that group.