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Not a Bug All posts in Social group forums saying are moderated

Discussion in 'Resolved Bugs' started by lesliedow, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. lesliedow

    lesliedow New Member

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    When my users post in the forums attached to a social group, the banner comes up saying that the post is being moderated, but its not. To be clear they should not be moderated posts in the forums. And as an admin I do not get this same error/warning.

    When I use the test permissions function, I also get the moderated error. The SG forums are set up so that the users have view node only permission on the node and inherit all the capabilites (posting, etc) from the global registered user group. this is how I have all my forums set up and its working fine outside of SG. I have rebuilt the SG and rebuilt the forum cache and nothing seems to change this.

  2. Nobita

    Nobita Staff Member Tech Support

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    Does you have any addon effected to forums and threads?