Add-on License and General Terms of Use

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When you purchased an add-on which provided by us (, you are agree with the terms below:
  1. A license is installed in one forum only.
  2. Your add-on license must be kept as confidential and must not be shared to anyone.
  3. You may modify source code to make it appropriate with your forums
  4. License URL must be a valid URL

Refund Policies:​

A refund can only be requested within 7 days after you purchase our license successfully.
  1. There is bug which we refuse to fix
  2. Add-on requirement system which you cannot afford

Policy Violation:​

With account violates the General terms above, an auto message about violation will be sent to the owner via the forum. After 7 days since the auto message sent, if the owner refuses to fix this issue, your license will be revoked.

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