1. GameNet

    [FEATURE] Add support for [tl] Social Groups

    I would like to manage your own groups, join and share gloops within the app! something like Facebook has done!
  2. C

    Problem with sessions on nginx using xenForo

    I have an major problem with xenForo Logins on nginx and tried everything foundable out. The xenForo is not the problem it workes fine on an other apache server but I need to move it to nginx. I'm using the newest nginx and php7.1, php-fpm and all requested sources for xenForo are installed...
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    Exclude a folder in Xenforo

    I have installed Xenforo in my public_html in my Cpanel which means my forum is available in site.com Now I want to add another folder contains my web app and want to access it in site.com/myapp. I created a folder "myapp" in public_htmll beside Xenforo files and now when I enter the URL...
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    NGINX XenForo 404 on versioned parameter files

    The issue is that NGINX 404's files. My XenForo community link: https://legacypk.com/forums Inside my nginx.conf: server { listen 80; server_name localhost; #charset koi8-r; #access_log logs/host.access.log main; location / {...
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    Create friendly URLs like this for XenForo 2?

    Does anyone know how to create URLs like this for Xenforo 2? https://forumweb.hosting/95-web-hosting/ https://forumweb.hosting/13199-putty-vs-bitvise-tunnelier.html I have setup a new Xenforo 2 but I can not change URL structure like the site above, I want to setup this because I am having a...
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    Table BBCode with Xenforo

    I'm using Xenforo for my forum website, it is Rao Vat I meet a problem here is I cannot view the table in my post, I found some plug in for xenforo to do this, but I don't like using them because I want to change the code. Does anyone have experience or suggestion for me on how to do this?
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    Getting an error when trying to make a resource thread with Xenforo

    I've been looking for an answer and I can't seem to find it so I'm asking here. I'm currently using Xenforo v2.2.7 patch 1 and the plugins I'm having trouble with is [XFA] RM Marketplace 4.3.4 and XenForo Resource Manager 2.2.3. When I try to make a Resource in the RM I get the following error...