Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x)

Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x) 1.0.9

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There are no changes in this version.
Notable Changes:

* Fixed Cannot call method canUploadMedia on a non-object (NULL)
* Fixed import group error if group avatar/cover does not exists
* Fixed some other bugs
Notable Changes:
  1. Fixed cannot import data from XF 1.5.x
  2. Fixed cannot create event in some cases
There are no changes in this update. Just re-upload attachment file.
There are no changes in this release just reupload to fix the issue cannot open file in window.
* Fixed access property of non-object
* Fixed import group thread errors
* Minor bugs fixed

* Fixed out of range with event location provided
* Fixed the block invite member show to member who waiting approval
* Fixed leave assign group to another user not send an alert
* Fixed button add media to existing album did not show


* Added new option to select the default tab when viewing group


NOTE: This add-on contains many files so please disable the add-on during upload files. Otherwise you will get some exceptions about class not found.

Notable Changes:

* Added new bb-code which allow render group anywhere. Usage: [GROUP=groupID][/GROUP]. You can disable this bb-code
through Custom BB codes page.
* Added new group widget option to show featured groups only.
* Added new group widget option to use custom template.
* Improvement cover rendering

* Fixed cannot reassign group to another
* Fixed some bugs
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* Fixed cannot reposition cover on mobile device.
* Fixed some phrases spell errors.
* Fixed pagination on category not working.
* Fixed widget show groups not in selected categories
* Fixed sent wrong alerts when new request to join group.
* Fixed no permission to view forum after created.
* Fixed cannot hard delete group
* Fixed search not working.

* Added support sitemap (groups, events, categories)
* Added new option to limit the message show in news feed card.
* Added new import option to import group posts into threads.


Likes: Realystic