Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x)

Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x) 2.1.0

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Notable changes:
  • Fix access invalid property
  • Fix delete forum does not decrease the counter
Notable changes:
  • Allow disable guest posting into public groups
  • Support default sort groups in option
  • Fixed call method on null
  • Improvement option list
Notable changes:
  • Fixed upload cover issues
  • Fixed missing approve members in inline mod
  • Improvement member inline mod.
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed cannot create new events
  • Fixed custom reaction error
Notable changes:
  • Show group stats in group card
  • Support inline-mod group members
  • [Fix] Ensure rebuild event description when it's does not exists
  • [Fix] Fixed event without description bring type error
  • [Fix] Fixed reactions on comment does not show
  • [Fix] Fixed N+1 query in home page
  • Support more widget options
  • Support intend event alerts
  • Improvement event begin, end date picker
  • Fixed cannot create new nodes
  • Change default event list to upcoming
  • Fixed countdown are ignored months remain
  • Fixed Error: 'Cannot use object of type XF\Phrase as array'
  • Fixed edit event comment error
  • Fixed browse event missing load style
  • Fixed cover reposition too small in some cases
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed delete event issues
  • Fixed event list not sorted
  • Fixed option format node title are not worked
  • Fixed pagination (top) in category view are rendered incorrect links
  • [New] Support sort categories in ACP
  • [New] Support stick posts in news feed
  • [New] Support event registration
  • [New] Support countdown to opening and closing event
  • [Update] The variable in option format node title are changed. You may update to the latest version.
  • [Update] Update the event list and detail layouts
Notable Changes:
  • Added confirmation when asking to join group
  • Support CLI rebuild data. All cli are prefixed by: xf-rebuild:tlg-*
  • Fixed moderated members always show
  • Improvement save member cache data
  • Fixed set null entity which cause an exception
  • Show cancel requesting join group which make easy to cancelling.
  • Invited member are no longer consider as valid member.
  • Added missing some templates.
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed missing templates
  • Fixed import groups missing data
  • Fixed incompatible with XenForo Media Gallery in some cases
  • Fixed navigation style issues.
Important: You MUST rebuild group caches after upgraded to this version

Notable Changes:
  • Improvement group widgets
  • Improvement render avatar, cover
  • Fixed populate wrong members into group
  • Fixed new event alert missing templates
  • Fixed upcoming events does not check permissions
  • Fixed avatar crop in some cases
  • Re-order post thread button
  • Do not show sidebar in group forum view (discussions page)
  • Fixed cannot integrate with Media Album
  • Fixed page not found when try to removing member
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed cannot edit forum
  • Fixed reposition cover does not works
  • Added post thread button in forum view
  • Fixed navigation item cannot click in some cases
  • Some bugs are fixed.