Profile Cover

Profile Cover 2.0.1

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Notable changes:
  • Fixed incorrect phrases
  • Improvement flow to upload, delete and reposition cover
IMPORTANT: Please disable add-on while uprading.

Notable Changes:
  • Support XenForo 2.1.x only
  • Support XenForo API
  • Improvement cover upload flow
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed some errors
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed user avatar hidden in some cases.
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed cannot reposition on mobile device.
  • Improvement reposition feature.
Notable changes:
  • Added rebuild to migrate cover from XenForo 1.5.x version to this add-on (The rebuild should be run one time to prevent duplicate covers)
  • Fixed cover height for default too tall.
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Notable Changes:
  • Fixed default cover not show up.
  • Added new option ability use high quality in gallery.


Notable Changes:

* Fixed cover did not show up.
* Fixed when choose new cover while deleting existing cover did not show up.
* Minor improvements.
Notable Changes:
* Support cover gallery
* Fixed javascript access error property
* Changed permission `Upload/modify cover by self` to `Maximum upload cover images`
* Moved option default cover image to style property.
* Added style property to show avatar into cover block.


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* Fixed user can remove cover by anyone even did not have permission
* Fixed less parser error in some cases
* [New] Automatically remove cover when user did not have permission to upload. This feature can be turn off through option.