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Pokémon Catcher 1.1.5

Buy for $25.00
I almost gave this a 4 star but for me this has been great overall. Members are more engaged because they need to earn pokeballs by replying, or posting.

I was hesitant to purchase this because I read it didn't come with preloaded pokemon and I am lazy err "allergic" to data entry but they are pretty easy to add yourself. Easily Add 20 in under an hour which is more than enough to get your members excited.

What I would like to see is better documentation on exactly how the percentages affect the pokemon appearances. For example when you add a pokemon and input 20 percent does that mean that pokemon will appear 20 percent of the time? Per day, per hour etc.

There was another setting that says don't set it too high, so I left it at default, and I have no idea what it does..

This could be customized to catch anything really with a few tweaks. Catch a savings game, coupon, prize etc.